Activists Explain Disruption of Dakota Access Pipeline

Activists Explain Disruption of Dakota Access Pipeline

On July 24th, Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek publicly explained how and why they had disrupted construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline for months.

They detailed how they targeted pipeline infrastructure, and stated: “[C]ourts and public officials allowed these corporations to steal permissions from landowners and brutalize the land, water, and people. Our conclusion is that the system is broken and it is up to us as a individuals to take peaceful action and remedy it, and this we did, out of necessity… We are speaking publicly to empower others to act boldly, with purity of heart, to dismantle the infrastructures which deny us our rights to water, land and liberty. We as civilians have seen the repeated failures of the government and it is our duty to act with responsibility and integrity, risking our own liberty for the sovereignty of us all.

Ruby and Jessica plan to represent themselves in their upcoming court case. Climate Defense Project is serving as stand-by counsel and providing legal support along with attorney Bill Quigley.

You can read the full statement, and learn how to support, at

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