Ken Ward Trial #3

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Ken Ward Trial #3

Please support Ken Ward as he stands trial in Washington for a third time, following two trials in which the jury failed to reach a verdict on at least one of the charges. Ken was part of a group of climate activists who turned off tar sands pipelines in four states in 2016. Having been barred from presenting evidence or expert testimony on climate change, civil disobedience, or the political process at his first two trials, Ken recently won a favorable ruling from a state appeals court which all but ensures that he will be permitted to put on a full climate necessity defense, including testimony from expert witnesses. (It is the first such ruling anywhere in the country.)

Where: Skagit Superior Court, Mt Vernon, WA
When: February 10-14, 2019
Help Needed: Ken could use support in the courtroom. As at past trials, we ask that folks be respectful and attend as individuals, not as a crowd — that is, no banners, red shirts, etc. Funds are needed to cover expert witnesses expenses and other trial expenses.
Defense Team: Lauren Regan, Cooper Brinson (CLDC), Ralph Hurwitz, and Alice Cherry & Kelsey Skaggs (Climate Defense Project), are preparing the climate necessity defense granted under the Appeals Court ruling, and will announce our list of expert witnesses shortly.
Thanks for your help!

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