Jamila Raqib is a specialist in the study and practice of strategic nonviolent action and the executive director of the Albert Einstein Institution, which works to advance the research and application of nonviolent action worldwide. In 2002, she began working with the late Dr. Gene Sharp, the world’s foremost scholar of the field of strategic nonviolent action.

She oversees the development and distribution of educational resources on nonviolent action and conducts workshops on strategic planning for human rights organizations, universities, and governments, and for individuals and groups struggling for diverse objectives including to oppose dictatorship and combat corruption, and to attain political rights, economic justice, environmental protection, and women’s empowerment.

She is currently a Director’s Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, where she is exploring how innovations in technology and education can contribute to greater effectiveness in the study and application of nonviolent struggle. Her work includes the development of a learning platform intended to help groups prepare strategic plans to conduct struggles for the defense and attainment of their civil and political rights.