Kira (they/she) grew up in rural Vermont as a guest on unceded Abenaki lands, with a lot of strong opinions but minimal political analysis about social injustice.

Kira got all the way through an engineering degree before realizing that suffering in the world is an intentional product of racial capitalism and settler colonialism, not a design failure. They went to law school to learn more about power, and graduated wishing they had spent more time organizing and less time studying. Since then, Kira has been learning from and working with people and movements across the country who are fighting coal plants, pipelines, injection wells, landlords, white supremacists, militarized borders, police brutality, and other forms of corporate/state repression.

When not in court or behind a computer, you can find Kira on a long winded rant about security culture, playing rugby, or petting someone else’s dog.