Camp Nenookaasi Lawsuit: Press Round-Up

Resident of Camp Nenookaasi — an Indigenous healing and ceremonial encampment — have brought a lawsuit against Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey to halt the eviction of approximately 160 unsheltered people from the camp, planned for January 4. According to the group’s press release, camp residents have frequently transitioned into public housing “due to the stability and community” provided at the camp, and Mayor Frey has not provided a process for residents either “to contest the eviction or to collect their possessions and property in the event of an eviction.”

The plaintiffs are represented by CDP attorneys Kira Kelley and Claire Glenn. Oral arguments will take place tomorrow, January 3, 2024.

Read more about the lawsuit and the history of Camp Nenookaasi here:

People at Camp Nenookaasi Sue Mayor Jacob Frey to Stop Eviction

Nenookaasi Healing Camp Residents Sue Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to Stop Eviction